Getting Started

Installing Odin Inspector

Using Odin With Source Control

Editor Only Mode

Install Odin Inspector as a Unity package

Odin Modules

Unboxing Odin! What's inside?

How to Create a Custom Inspector with Odin?

What is the Odin Project Validator?

Odin static Inspector

Using Attributes

Simple Attribute Examples

Group Attributes

Meta Attributes

The OdinSerialize And The ShowInInspector

Changing The Order Of Properties

Attribute Expressions

Property States

Save Space with Odin Composite Attributes

Inspector Groups with Odin Inspector

How to Use Odin Inspector with Scriptable Objects

Custom Editor Windows

How To Make An OdinEditorWindow


Custom Editor Windows Made Easy with Odin Inspector

Odin Project Validator

Getting started with Odin Project Validator

Creating Custom Validators

Odin Validation Profiles explained

Creating a custom Validation Profile

Running a Validation Profile from code

Migrating 2.1 Validators to 3.0

Serialize Anything

Odin Serializer Quick Start

Implementing The Odin Serializer

Avoiding Unity's Infinite Depth Warning

External Reference Resolver

Features And Limitations


Serializing Dictionaries

On Odins Serialization Procotol

On Unitys Serialization Procotol

Making Save Games With The Odin Serializer

Serialization Debugger

Often asked

Serializing Without SerializedMonoBehaviour

AOT Serialization

Best Practices

Value and Action Resolvers

NEW 3.0

Resolving Strings to Stuff

NEW 3.0

Using Action Resolvers

NEW 3.0

Using Value Resolvers

NEW 3.0

Named Values

How to Create Custom Drawers using Odin

How To Make A HealthBar Attribute

How To Create A Custom Value Drawer

How To Make A Custom Group

How to Use The PropertyTree

Understanding Generic Constraints On Odin Drawers

Tips, Tricks and Best Practices


Attribute Drawers with Odin


Odin Value Drawers for Structs


Odin Value Drawers for Classes


Create A Custom Group with Unity and Odin Inspector

Using Property Resolvers and Attribute Processors

Using Custom Attribute Processors


Custom Attribute Processors


Custom Property Processors



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